Certified Management Accountant

IMA`s prestigious global certification, the Certified Management Accountant (CMA)is an advanced, globally recognized credential that supports management accounting and finance professionals who drive business performance from inside organizations.

It is designed to :

» Foster the professional development of those who hold it
» Prepare them to anticipate the needs of their organizations
» Play an integral role in the strategic decision-making process
» Uphold the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Is the CMA right for you?

The role of management accounting differs from that of public accounting, since management accountants :
» Work at the beginning of the value chain.
» Support decision making, planning and control.
» Audit and tax functions involve checking the work after the fact.

Some common job titles for management accountants in organizations of all sizes and structure include :
» Staff Accountant
» Cost Accountant
» Senior Accountant
» Corporate or Division Planner
» Financial Analyst
» Budget Analyst
» Internal Auditor
» Finance Manager
» Controller
» Vice President, Finance
» Treasurer
» Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
» Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

What will you learn?

In order to earn the CMA designation an accountant must have mastered a comprehensive body of knowledge by demonstrating six key skill levels -- knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation -- in the following areas :
» Business Analysis (economics, internal controls, quantitative methods, financial statement analysis)
» Management Accounting and Reporting (budget preparation, cost management, performance measurement, external financial reporting)
» Strategic Management (strategic planning, corporate finance, decision analysis, investment decision analysis)
» Business Applications (all of the above, plus organization management, behavioral issues, ethical considerations