Office Administration School

Microsoft Office is a powerful set of applications and services that can help to make employees more effective and efficient. Many of the applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, have been around for a long time but others, such as Project, OneNote, and Publisher, are new. From creating course resources to flipped classes to cloud storage, Microsoft Office is a robust set of tools.


The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is an international qualification that provides accreditation in the package of a student`s choice. It is the world`s largest and fastest-growing qualification in basic IT skills which is most widely recognized certification in the field of work which is related to the computer. And the first step of recruiting employee to the public and private organizations.

No prior knowledge of computer skills is needed to begin learning. Our course provides constant visual and auditory reinforcement and responsive feedback.

Advanced ICDL

During this period students learn and become professional of how to :

» Format and install new windows operating systems and solve all kinds of problems that might happen in the computer system or in the network.

» Deal with text files professionally and continue to end up making and designing books, no matter how huge or complicated it is. They can achieve doing this in a short time and share it with other employees from the same company.

» Solve all kinds of mathematic complicated equations using spreadsheet.

» Arrange appointments, correspondence and perform the tasks that are related to the company or to the members through electronic mailbox.

» Create a complicated database and manage it professionally.

When the students reach to this level they become qualified to apply the exams that enable them to get some international technical certificates from CIW which prove that they are able to manage the work and accomplish the assigned tasks professionally according to international standards.

» The first certificate is: Internet Business Foundations

» The second certification is: Network Technology Foundations

» The third certification is: Database Design Methodology

These certificates give the students chances to get into the world of technical professions which is called IT job, also they can work in companies which support the Technical domains is called Support Technicians with these the students are going to continue their specialty in domain of Network Engineering , Web Design , Programming and Databases.