Graphic Design School

Most people have a vague idea of what a graphic designer does. Creating logos for businesses? Fixing up images in Photoshop? Making magazine ads? Yes—designers do these things—but they’re only elements of a much bigger picture.

The student after completing the whole course can :

1. make 2D - 3D Cartoon Movies.
2. Design Brochures & Posters.
3. Various Advertisement Design.
4. Creating Movies & Videos.
5. Designing Newspaper & Magazine.

After completing this level the student is competent of drawing and editing logos ,drawing , design advertisement and cards professionally also add text to a design the students can deal with the pictures modify them and add extra elements to them which will give them an artistic style.
» Design and Composition
» Vector-based Graphic Design
» Pixel-based Images
» Digital Photography

After completing this level the student is competent of easily designing the pages including text with being more erective making billboards, advertising stickers books and drawings the student can identify the colors know the basis if the colors know where each one is used and how they can be mixed the graphic students learn how to draw on paper graphistically.
» Freehand Principles
» Color Theory
» Graphics Project
» Diagrammatic and Creating Ideas
» Advanced Layout Design
» Advanced Illustration Techniques

The marketing Design Program helps student develop the skills for corporate, advertising, and promotional design .
The Marketing Design Program will help you build a foundation in design, learn the industry-standard, and craft a portfolio of marketing design work to show your competence to your employers.
» Intro to Marketing
» Advertising Design
» Graphic Design Business
» Branding and Identity

After completing this level the student is competent of cropping the videos files and join to different video parts and also add extra ready effects how to deal with audio files, recording audio files, editing them and mix them with other audio files also the student learn basic programming reading program codes make flash files easily and simply and also write codes in this files and create moving pictures.
» Photography
» cinematography
» Digital Video Editing
» Fundamentals of Programming

After completing this level the student is competent at making 3D animation he starts from simple drawing to 2D designs and finally able to make complicated figures and he can achieve making figures beyond imagination near to reality He can put normal light and effects to move the figures and make them perfect movies also learns how to draw free hand portraits on paper so as to animate them lather on computer.
» Drawing
» Modeling
» Material
» Light & Render
» Camera & Animation
» Character
» Digital Sculpting