Web Design School

Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) is a set of courses and exams that, when completed successfully, certifies an individual as capable in Web site development and server administration, including security and e-commerce. ... The first step toward certification is the CIW Foundations course.

Discovering why a website is made the requirements of designing suiting the contents to the overall scheme.
Designing static website containing text , pictures and flash.
Reading and editing html code which can solve all the problems faced.

Programming the website pages using javascript language to become more dynamic.
Converting the flash file thrush using Actionscript to become more visible.
Attaching the xml file to the website pages.

Basic knowledge on Networking and the Internet network and servers.
becoming Professional in webdesign and being able to get the CIW international certificate .

Converting the static website pages to dynamic website using php language which is widely used.
Writing and editing the sql code which can communicate whit the database.
Managing MySQL database and organizing the information and presenting it in the website.