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Management Development Programs


What is the Management Development Program?

This course is a comprehensive management programme developed in response to a need to provide an access programme for University MBA programmes. Whether you are already a manager or aspire to be one, the Management Development Program (MDP) will help you to develop your management and leadership competencies. It also offers the opportunity to learn from colleagues and develop networks that are vital for success in a changing environment

Is the MDP right for you?

The course is open to all applicants who have experience in one of the following positions:
- Managers and senior administrative
- Professional or technical employees
- Positions requiring management skills

This is an "access" management programme. Its primary aims and underlying philosophy are:
- To arm executives with a solid foundation in business management and administration, which would allow them to assume greater responsibilities in their organizations.
- To emphasize the development of problem-solving and communication skills
- To develop Critical and analytical abilities to enable students to understand and deal with complex business issues more effectively.

What will you learn?

- Management in Action
- Accounting and Finance
- Organizational Behaviour
- Marketing Management
- Business Economics
- Operations Management
- Human Resource Development
- Computers in Business

At the end of the course you will improve your skills in the following knowledge areas :

- Leading, coaching, and applying human relations skills in daily management activities
- Enhancing organizational performance by linking individual results to organizational goals
- Knowing how government organizations work and understanding the issues facing government within the political, economic, and social environments
- Having the ability to identify, frame, and analyze these issues and develop strategies to address the dilemmas posed by them
- Collecting input and obtaining the commitment of others to carry out these strategies, and measuring the organization`s success in executing its strategies.

For more details contact us: biz.dev@accad.net

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