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Certified Professional Salesperson


What is the Certified Professional Salesperson credential?

Certified Professional Sales Person designation will equip salespeople with a competitive edge by teaching them the latest insights and concepts transforming them into well-trained, thoroughly educated salespeople that will make an immediate impact on your bottom-line.

Is the CPS right for you?

The Certified Professional Salesperson program is ideal sales certification for professionals who are employed as:
- Sales representatives
- Account managers
- Distributor representatives
- Business development personnel

What will you learn?

- Foundation Skills (Segmentation, product and company knowledge & Communicative skills)
- Planning (goal setting & decision making)
- Executing
- Ethics

Following the course you will excel in the following areas of knowledge:

- Segmentation , differentiation & positioning
- Self Knowledge/Professionalism & Product/Company Knowledge
- Communication/Listening Skills
- Goal Setting & forecasting
- Understanding Motives and needs & Decision Influencers
- Qualifying Prospects
- Negotiations & overcoming objections
- Customer relationship management

For more details contact us: biz.dev@accad.net

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