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Cisco School ( Networking & Communication )


Network system engineer approved by Cisco

Experiencing companies and organizations around the world from a lack of personnel needed to fill the growing number of jobs available in the field of networks and across all industries.
Accad Institute provides school almost Cisco networking and communications to help meet this growing demand and improve access to education and careers for students in various parts of the country.

Curriculum engineer the network system approved by Cisco

Based curriculum to prepare students for employment and further education and to give certificates globally.
Measured student progress and outcomes and goals consistently with the modified software available as needed and the school qualifies students to obtain certificates recognized at the professional level and to prepare them for jobs in the field of communications and information across the following courses:
* IT ESS PC Hardware & Software Courses
Are covered by this session of the introduction to hardware and software and network operating systems qualifies students for the certificate
* CCNA Course
It is a course based on networks and technology, including protocols and theories at the level appropriate for university level. The student learns the principles of conversion and routing and advanced technologies for the rehabilitation of the certificate:
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
* CCNP Course:
This curriculum taught advanced skills required to manage the infrastructure of networks built from start to finish and qualify students for the certificate:
Cisco Certified Network Professioal (CCNP)
And opportunities for specialized work in the field of networks where based on advanced technology such as security and Wireless and sound for the rehabilitation of the student to the certificates of specialized professional work and careers in the field of telecommunications and informatics.

International companies for the work force educated in terms of information

Consider international companies always look towards confidence educated IT staff and approved by Cisco with the various disciplines that make these companies work force educated in terms of information.

The growing demand for global networking expertise

Innovations led to the revolutions of the retina on a personal level, cultural and practical, in many parts of the world people use online services to develop their skills and collaborate with others to exchange information.
These networks, which allow such services are also drafting the future of an increasingly interdependent world, and with the increase in our reliance on networks and the evolution of technology has evolved its supporting networks routing and switching systems to simple audio-visual and information to support effective collaboration.
And also increasing the adoption of companies and organizations on the global network of expertise to design, deploy and manage these networks.
Accession to the school of communications networks and Cisco to help students achieve their dreams and confidence in themselves through access to high-level of my knowledge.
Give an idea of the different disciplines of Cisco, which gives the student confidence and a passport to a number of opportunities.

Cisco certifications are classified into three levels:

* Associated Level
This level represents the first step in the way of gaining experience in the field of networks and are available at this level certificate:
CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCDA: Cisco Certified Design Associate
CCNA certification has the following specialties
CCNA Security: Cisco Certified Network Associate Security
CCNA SP Operations: Cisco Certified Network Associate in Service Provider
CCNA Voice: Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice
CCNA Wireless: Cisco Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless
* Professional Level
This level is the level of highly advanced in this area, and are available at this level includes the following certificates:
CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCIP: Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
CCNP Security: Cisco Certified Network Professional Security
CCNP Voice: Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice
CCDP: Cisco Certified Design Professional
CCNP SP Operations: Cisco Certified Network Professional in Service Provider Operations
CCNP Wireless: Cisco Certified Design Professional Wireless
* Expert Level
This level is the highest level can be up to the individual professional in the field of networks and the certificate at this level are:
CCDE: Cisco Certified Design Expert
CCIE: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

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