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About ACCAD Institute

About UsBeing established in 1989

Accad Private institution has made its mission to provide instruction and training in a wide range of programs emphasizing information sciences and management of information systems.

It Provides individuals who are looking to expand their skills with flexible educational courses, with its wide range of technical classes and certification packages.

Our Mission :

Being a customer oriented institution; our mission is to promote and nurture service excellence and customer satisfaction by:

  • Creating a challenging environment.
  • Encouraging high expectations for success.
  • Developing appropriate instructions that suits learning styles and allows individual growth.

Our Aim :

We aim to enhance :

  • The value of learning.
  • Self-worth among students and staff.
  • Quality performance among students and staff.
  • Transition for student to productive and responsible participation in society.

Our institute works in the following fields:

Qualifying and practicing:

  • Initial part, that means information, language and management training.
  • Professional part, that continues the initial part, it's an intensive and complete studying of professions, example (Business administration, Accounting, Marketing, Banking, Network Engineering, Communication, Database Administration, Programming).

Programming solutions: Nowadays, Accad Institute work on studying international applications, from Oracle company:

  • E-Business Suite.
  • Collaboration Suite.
  • Oracle Banking Solution.
  • Smart Card Solution.

Our Services

Our Services are not only confined in the IT environment, we provide students with a carefully designed set of courses to boost their proficiency at every stage of their career with our specialized courses in:

  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Human Resource.
  • Operations management.
  • Economics and accounting.

Meanwhile, we supply small, medium and large organization with :

  • Efficient business administration training
  • Courses tailored according to the needs of the organization where employers can track the progress of all participating employees

Al Sulimanieh Street :

+963 21 4659085
+963 21 4644295

Al Razi Street :

+963 21 2280422
+963 21 2280348

Al Mouhafaza Street :

+963 21 2269482
+963 21 2224371


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