Computer Courses ...

Accad provides a wide variety of career, professional, short term and certification courses, designed by our expert academicians after careful market study and research. All the courses are taught by experienced and certified faculty. Our trainers constantly update their technical skills to maintain their expertise ...
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Language Courses ...

Accad Institute is one of the most diverse language schools in Syria. Since 1989, we have taught over 5 languages, including English as a Second Language. We offer several programs of instruction organized in different formats designed to meet your linguistic goals, as well as your budgetary and scheduling needs ...
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Business Courses ...

Business and Commerce are two pillars upon which Accad Institute is built. Accad offers a variety of quality vocational courses catering for an extensive range of abilities. Accad endeavours to provide the kind of education and training which are relevant to both the student's needs and the country's socio-economic priorities ...
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Do you need a certification ?

Computer certifications exist for a single purpose :
to provide a measurable account of a specific set of skills and knowledge.
» If you are an expert, a certification is proof.
» If you are not yet an expert, don't worry it's not too late.

What do you have to do ?
» Just start and leave the rest to us

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Accad Offer

» New ICDL test :

We start the ICDL exams every Friday from 12 pm. Each student can take one or two or three exams. Windows 7 and Office 2010 Release. For those who wish to take the exam please call the following numbers: 4659085 - 4644295 Reservation 4 days before the exam.

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About Accad Institute


Being established in 1989 Accad Private institution has made its mission to provide instruction and training in a wide range of programs emphasizing information sciences and management of information systems.
It Provides individuals who are looking to expand their skills with flexible educational courses, with its wide range of technical classes and certification packages.